Loggers Lacrosse Registration Opens!

What will we offer this year - see below!

Themed sessions - 70% sold out with more than two months to go before they start! Lock in regular pricing of $185 before the end of the month when prices will increase to $200.

The seven sessions for the U17/21 will run together and start Wednesday November 8th. The seven sessions for the U13 and U15 will run separately starting Sunday November 12th. Groups will be capped at a small number of participants to maximize reps, touches, and focus from coaches. 

Video and chalk talk classroom sessions will be covered in person for athletes as part of each session. Sessions will be run with stations and planning will be done with blocked and variable practice planning. General themes below:
  • Inside finishing (getting open, footwork, reading the goalie, timing & spacing)
  • Outside shooting (shooting around a screen, shot selection, footwork,  deception, timing & spacing)
  • Offense from the half wall (reading the defense, footwork, time and space as individual and unit) 
  • Transition offense (proper lanes, shot selection in transition, shooting on the run)
  • Defensive positioning (footwork/body position, reading offense individually and as unit)
  • Individual and small group tactics (2 and 3 man, offensive and defensive tactics)

Goalie Training

Goalie training will be offered with both in person and virtual components- details to follow. 

Individual Training

Will be available upon request. 


1) Lax-Mas Classic in Brampton December 27,28 & 29,30
2)  Second box tournament will be added to the calendar at a later date. 
3) One day 3v3 event in Ottawa March 23rd - pricing and further details to be determined.


1) Themed sessions will cost $185 for all sessions and include shorts until September 1 then $200
2) Lax-Mas will cost $160 to attend and include jersey to keep and pre-tournament practices (shorts purchase will be separate).
3) Goalie training and individual training sessions costing is to be determined.
4) We will move away from pinnies to jerseys and a consistent short design to decrease year over year costs for participants. 


Coaching will continue to be led by D'Arcy Belyea, Steve McLean, and Mark Lange head to our coaches page for more information!


Can be completed by filling heading to the registration page.